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Let's unhitch the word "elopement" and Vegas. Elopements can be so much more than that and are quickly becoming more popular. Imagine your wedding and honeymoon combining. An elopement makes the beautiful destination for your ceremony affordable and possible. Taking 200 guests up a Colorado mountain in the snow or miles into the sand dunes in southern California would be impossible. 

My wedding day was an enormous affair. 200 guests spent an evening surrounded by gigantic floral arrangements, the tables were draped in gold sequins and red velvet, and the band played well into the night. It was the best day of my life. HOWEVER, the best moments were spent with my husband, alone at a table having dinner under the trees and taking pictures around the property with the beautiful decor we had chosen. If I could do it again, I would decorate that day just the same, but at a location that was just for us. 30 minutes of our wedding day was spent alone and I wish it had been more, I wish I had saved the party, reception, ceremony for a later date and done that on a smaller scale. I wish we had said our vows in a space we created and had that time together. I wish we had looked out over cliffs in Ireland, or on a teal mountain lake, from up high in a hot air balloon, or out from underneath a waterfall in Hawaii. 

I would be honored to help you plan the day you commit your life to the person you love in a place that propels you into life's next season. Whether you want to elope and have a traditional ceremony as well, or if you want to plan one or the other, I am here to help you document that time.